Don't make the mistake of writing off bites that the puppy "itchy" teeth, and he needs something to constantly chew. To bite and chew on him, of course, necessary – for dogs that's one way of understanding the world. To do this, just buy him a toy made of latex, with which he will be able plenty to bite. Get him a special bone, which is sold in pet stores, dry wishbone. It is enough that he was able to scratch plenty of growing teeth.
как отучить собак кусаться
Make your pet do not take your hands or the hands of the children who play it as a simulator for training the skills of biting, use several methods that will help you wean him from it. And do it at once, from the very first day, when in your house there was a small almost "toy-like" puppy.
как отучить кота бросаться на ноги хозяев
Armed with a spray bottle filled with water. When you try to bite your hand, bite her, glaring teeth, squirt in the nose of the puppy from the dispenser. No harm to the dog it will not cause, but will make it clear that her attempts to bite you and can lead to unpleasant sensations. She may even begin to sneeze, if water gets in the nose, but it's not terrible.
как отучить собаку кусать руки
Some particularly clever owners manage to lightly grab the puppy by the tip of the tongue when he opens his mouth with the secret hope to chew on your hand in the game. But then, of course, a competition of skill may not always result in your victory.
оттучитькролика кусаться
Never use violence and punishment, don't hit or slap him. Despite its size, the toy – dog is fearless and is your behavior can only provoke him. Abruptly stop playing and leave the room, leaving him alone. After several such occasions, that will bind with the termination of communication with his unwanted behavior.
щенка кусаться за руки
If one is trying to bite even as adults, recognize this as an attempt of domination. In this case you simply have a couple of times to show who the leader in your pack. If there was an attempt to bite, grab it with your fingers over the skin in the area of the withers and gently shake, as do dominant dogs with unruly puppies. That will be quite enough for some time he forgot how to bite. If attempts to repeat, repeat this trick again.