You will need
  • - the "MTS connect";
  • - Internet connection;
  • - the mobile phone.
Run the program "MTS the connection". Expand the program window to full screen, either click the left mouse button on the arrows in the upper right corner of the program window. Click on the menu item "account Management".
Click in the window on the button "Check balance". Information about the balance in your account will appear in the program window to the left of the button in a text message.
Type in the "Enter the USSD command" string:*100#Press the button "Send" in program window appears a text message about remaining on your account funds.
Select in menu program "MTS connect" button the "Call". Dial on the keypad the number 11111 and click on the call button. When you do this, make sure that your computer speakers turned on. Listen to the voice message of the system about the balance of funds in your account.
Remove the SIM card from your USB modem and insert it into your mobile phone (to do this, remove the modem back or front cover, depending on model of modem). Start typing the command *100# and press the call key. Your account balance will appear on the phone screen as a message.
Please call the number 11111. Listen to the answerphone message about the account balance you have in the account.
Look in your phone's menu "MTS services" (MTS-info). Select "Services for MTS" - "the Balance". The balance on your account will be displayed in the SMS message.
Check the status of your personal account in the Personal Cabinet of the Internet Assistant on the official website of MTS. To set the password for entering the system, call 1115 or dial *111*25#. If you do not remember the phone number of your SIM card, call the number 0887 or dial *111*0887# (free service). Or simply send the call to your main mobile phone. How to make calls and send USSD commands from the program "MTS connect"described above.If necessary, the online Assistant you will be able to order and promotethe itemization of costs on your personal account.