Advice 1: How to know the account balance for the Internet

Knowledge of the balanceand a personal account for the Internet allows you to pay for Internet services. In addition, if in the previous months was a small overpayment, you can make a smaller amount of money for the next period Internet use is.
How to know the account balance for the Internet
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone;
  • - the contract on connection to the Internet.
Go to "my account" on the website of the Internet service provider

Almost all the popular providers for users create a Personal account on their official websites. The website address can be found in search engine or in the contract on rendering of services concluded with the Internet provider. To log in to "my account", enter the account and password you used to access the network, or if necessary, create an account with a different username/password that is easiest for you to remember. The rest of the money in your account can be specified directly on the page or on a specific tab ("Balance", "Internet", etc.).
Call technical support provider

If you fail to know the balance of Internet through "my account", you can use the phone. The phone number of the servicing provider, you should be listed on the agreement or on its official website. To check the balance of the Internet, tell the operator your account number (login) or enter it via the phone in the voice menu.
Be aware of your balance of the Internet

Some Internet service providers may give advance warning of the need to replenish your account over the Internet. For this "Personal account" check the box next to alerts/messages about balance. These alerts come to your email or mobile phone when the account balance reaches a certain limit. Thus, you will not be caught off guard if you disable access to the Internet.
Useful advice
In "my account" you can go and at zero balance, where it can be recharged via mobile phone, Bank card, electronic wallet, enable auto-refill account via credit card. Also, some Internet service providers provide the service "Promised payment", which allows you to recharge your Internet and visit the web sites for several days.

Advice 2: How to know account for the Internet

The account of the client of the Internet service providers used to account for all money transactions with him - accrual payments, collections, payment allocations, bonuses, etc., should not be confused with the document which is presented by the provider as payment requirements. To know the number of your current account and current balance is not difficult.
How to know account for the Internet
You will need
  • A copy of the contract with the ISP.
Find the documents you signed when you connect this service in the contract with the ISP must be specified and the account number. If you are using a dial-up connection and pay the provider without the conclusion of the contract (purchasing card payment), the account you have.
If your copy of the agreement specified in her account number is lost, it should be restored or ask the provider to issue a duplicate. Meanwhile, duplicate no, you can learn the account number in the customer service - find her phone on the page with contact information for the company website. In order to give you the account number will be required to provide information on the phone number specified in the contract, and surname/name/patronymic of the person signing this agreement.
If you are interested in not the account number and current account balance on it, then it is possible to learn by phone from the operator's customer support. Some Internet service providers allow you to do it without operator enough to send a text message to the number listed on the website of the provider and the amount of the remaining balance your account will be sent in the response message.
More info about the account, starting with the rooms and ending with the history of operations is available in the "personal account" on the website of your Internet service provider. If you did not use them, find the additional annexes to the agreement, the username and password and with their help, log on to the site provider. Every company designs a personal account on your taste, so you can select where in your office to look for the account number, balance and transaction history is not possible. However, as a rule, difficulties with the search for these data in the user interface does not occur and if that happens, you can seek the advice of support.

Advice 3: How can I pay for the Internet Rostelecom

Rostelecom is one of the most sought-after providers of Internet services. The company offers its customers a variety of payment methods: via terminals, via Bank cards and electronic payment system.
How can I pay for the Internet Rostelecom

Payment via QIWI terminals

Today there are many ways to pay for the Internet Rostelecom. For example, this can be done using a special terminal QIWI. 2013 menu these terminals have a related button, through which you can pay just a few steps.

The client is to get to the nearest terminal QIWI and click on "Rostelecom. Domestic services", then you can get into the section where the payments are all possible to pay for the service. The subscriber is required to choose: Internet, home phone or TV. It remains only to specify the identity of the subscriber, e.g. the phone number of the personal account or contract and to make bills for payment of services.

In addition, subscribers of Rostelecom can pay for the service online without even leaving home. Just go to the official website of the company and on the main page, select "Services". In the list of services you want to select "Payment services". You can pay by credit card through Yandex.Money or WebMoney.

Payment via credit card

If payment for the services of Internet access will be made by credit card, the first subscriber will have to select your region, specify the room type and the room itself, as well as the payment amount. After this it remains to specify the details of payment and confirm the operation. It is worth noting that Rostelecom supports the following payment cards: Visa Electron or Cirrus/Maestro.

Payment via Yandex.Money

To pay online using the service of Yandex.Money, you first need to specify your payment details (region, type of rooms, the number and amount of payment). The next step requires you to specify number of a purse in Yandex.The money, which will receive a notice of payment services. If everything was done correctly, the Internet will be paid and you will be able to use it on.

Payment via WebMoney

To pay online via WebMoney, you must first specify your payment details (region, type of rooms, the number and amount of payment). The next step requires you to specify purse number in the WebMoney, which will receive a notice of payment services. Then there will be only login in the WebMoney system and confirm the payment. It should be noted that in this case will be to Commission equivalent to 4% of the payment amount.
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