You will need
  • The official website of Skylink, office, sky point v4.0" or "ISSA".
Go to the all-Russian official website of the company Skylink. In the upper right corner, locate the entrance to the personal account of SkyPoint. Click on it with mouse. Opens a new window to the sky point v4.0", which provides unique services for subscribers Skylink. You will need the subscription center. There you can obtain information about the status of your account and the traffic.
To get General information about the balancee account is sufficient to provide your subscriber number in the top field "Login". After that, click the arrow to Log in. If you are going to use full access to the Cabinet "sky point", you need to log in using the username and password.
You also need to know how to check the balanceif you are a subscriber of the Sverdlovsk branch of the company. Visit the official site "Skylink-Yekaterinburg. There is a personal account of the client is called differently - ISSA (Internet system of the service subscriber). At the entrance to ISSA requested subscriber number and the password that are specified in your contract for the provision of cellular services. Log in to ISSA. View information about the balancee of your bills and recent payments.