You will need
  • Elementary skills of work in Internet
The fastest and easiest way to find out the status of your personal Internetaccount is to enter your personal account or in the section "Server statistics". These sections, or web pages located on the sites of Internet service providers, i.e. suppliers of Internet services, with whom you signed the contract.
Another way to find out the balance on the account (if Internet is turned off for nonpayment) – call technical support. Phone this service must be written on one of the pages of the agreement (or in attached application) that you signed with the ISP, or the website of the Internet service provider.
If you lost a contract or an Annex to, in the near future it would be better to recover these documents. In the absence of these documents, you need to contact either the telephone directory or the services of local or regional reference system, where there is a high probability you need to know the number of your Internet service provider.
The most time-consuming thing, and sometimes have to use two if the first fails to realize is to get to the office by a provider company and there to find all the information about the account. And if you need to refill it. However, due to the fact that the problems with the shutdown do not occur only due to non-payment, them in the provider's office can also investigate and correct.
If all the methods recommended in the previous four steps are not available (this is especially often in the night time) that there is only one. Because most often, the Internet disconnects due to lack of funds on your personal account, you can go and put on the invoice (don't forget to take a contract with the number of the account) to the closest terminal (the fastest and free are QIWI terminals) as much money as is required for connected you have rate. When the Internet is available, try method from step # 1.