You will need
  • computer, Internet
When connected to "star trek," you get dialling, where you will find answers to different questions. If this Handbook is lost, you will have to download a scanned version from the Internet, for example, at this address If you are not able to download this guide, complete the following steps.
Go to the official website of the company On the right you will see a section "Personal Cabinet". Log in using an individual username and password. Please note that to connect to the Internet and entering personal account data are different. The same use case (i.e., uppercase and lowercase letters) and don't confuse zero with the letter "O". These are the most common reasons why users cannot log in to your account. If you are sure that everything is enter correctly, contact technical support.
In the personal Cabinet on the main page will indicate the current condition of your balance. If you are interested in more detailed account, go to "Statistics". Specify, for what period of time you would like to obtain the information and click "OK". You will receive information when and what charges were made and debited from your account.
Since "star trek" is a brand represented by the company "Rostelecom", to find out your balance and you on one of the regional sites, for example, the Ivanovo, Kostroma and Yaroslavl region, it will be the site of Yaroslavl branch of Specifically on this site on the right is a list of topics, among them select "Check balance". Choose your region, type of services ("Internet"), the account number and the type of customer (legal or natural person). Click "Check", then you will be given information about your account balance. For other sites is another location of partitions and their name, but the algorithm of actions in General will remain the same.