You will need
  • - extracts of cadastral documents;
  • - copy of a court order;
  • receipt of payment for registration;
  • - your passport.
To divide the living room into shares, apply to the court. Attach a copy of the cadastre plan, extract from the cadastral passport explication and with marked lobes of the alleged partition.
The arbitration Commission, appointed by the court, will determine possible partition in kind or not. To divide the property into shares in-kind and register a separate right of ownership only if each will get a separate isolated room about the same cubic capacity on the part of such member's share of all common areas will be divided or if there is a possibility of their General use by mutual agreement.
If the dwelling is small and the partition in kind impossible, the court will make a decision on the division of property in a percentage. In this case the individual right of ownership on their percentage share cannot be registered.
If the court ruled on the division of housing in kind, will receive a copy of the decision and contact the BTI. Send a request for challenge machinery. On the basis of an inspection of your shares you will issue separate technical documents will be technical and cadastral passport and a plan.
Get the extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan. Contact PPRC. Submit your application, please attach originals and photocopies of documents, a copy of the decision of the court, pay thof the courtpublic duty for registration. In one month you will receive a certificate of ownership for their share of the property.
If you register the right of ownership on a split plot on the basis of the decision of the court, are required to obtain a separate cadastral documents, to obtain from them a statement and submit an application to the Registrar, attaching all statements, a copy of the decision of the court and the receipt of payment for registration.