For what I do in the "Classmates"

In fact, there are many ways how to make money in the "Classmates". Consider just some of the most popular ways, is not time-consuming:

  • you can earn in the huskies;
  • the posts and comments;
  • on advertising;
  • on the private group;
  • on the file sharing.

The simplest possibility is to earn advertising. You only need to register an e-wallet, click on the desired button and the Internet group will list it for a small amount of money. The main task – to find a group and join it. However, membership in the group often can also be carried out for the money. For the user this is an opportunity with the benefit of time, and for the entrepreneur – successfully to promote your product or service.

Earn Oka for free

Likes, clicks and comments on demand – another way to earn in the "Classmates" a small amount of money. To find customers for such simple tasks on freelancing sites, where they post relevant jobs. A lot of users are willing to pay money for likes, especially when their number depends on victory in any contest and receive prizes.

The following method will require certain skills and knowledge and is more suitable for those who plan to promote in the network, not someone else's goods and services, and their own. For example, it is possible to place on the page a photo of their craft, describe their services and include their cost. Certainly there are many who want to order from you work.

Affiliate link

The next opportunity is an affiliate program. Their meaning is that by posting on the page of the affiliate (referral) links, you will get passive income, when your link people will go to the desired sites and to make purchases or other actions under the partnership program. An example are the numerous exchange content, shopping online. There is a special service which is called Social Tools where you can also find a similar job.

To attract as many potential customers need to actively engage with their page regularly to update the photos, post interesting content and a variety of newsletters to help your guests eager to come more often to visit you.

Thematic group: earnings on advertising

More serious money can be made in the "Classmates", creating a thematic group. Over the name and theme is a good think, but definitely it should not be abstract. You also should be very good to understand it, to be able to hold a conversation and create a comfortable environment for their visitors. In this group you can earn money by placing a very specific ad for that advertiser pays money. But in this case it is important that the group was large, lively and quite active. The more visitors, the more you can make money on it.

Earnings on sharing services

Another way how to make money on Facebook – make money on sharing services. This method is not complicated and is quite efficient, especially if you are confident that a large number of your guests regularly download from your page files. For this you need to upload to the file sharing interesting content and post a link to your page. Will not damage such a link is, when you're talking about what is interesting, remarkable and totally free material. These resources are paid a certain amount per 1,000 downloads. The more materials will be posted on your page, the bigger will be your earnings on sharing services.

Don't forget to register your e-wallet

The main rule: you have to be confident in the quality of goods or services that you are promoting. Otherwise you can get into very unpleasant situation. You will also need to register your e-wallet. It can be as WebMoney, "Yandex-Money" or "QIWI wallet" any active user need to register at least one of them to have the opportunity to earn in social networks.