To dilute the text in the "Classmates" funny smiley face, hearts, figures and drawings easy. Especially as some versions of the smiles-smiles in the base of the website already available. Go to your personal page on a social network "Classmates", after entering your credentials – username and password – on the main page of the site.
If you are going to add a smiley, tap on "Messages" or "Discussion" in the left column, select the user by clicking on his avatar, and in the right part of the window in the bottom field you write the text or just add smiles. You can find them by clicking on the appropriate buttons-the smiles on the left.
In this section you can choose both free and paid emoticons. But paid for the use of pictures will first have to pay a certain amount from 20 rubles (OK – notional currency) 10 days to 100 rubles (or OK) for 50 days.
To connect with pay emoticons, go with them, click on any picture and go to the payment section. Select the period for which you want to use paid emoticons (10, 25, 50 days), and click the button that says "proceed to payment".
In the next window, select the method of payment: Bank card, e-wallet (specify which), via telephone, via the terminal, etc.
It is cheaper to pay by using a credit card. In this case, 1 OK is equal to 1 ruble. Enter in the corresponding fields card number and if I plan to continue to replenish the account in the "Classmates" in this way, put a tick in the box next to "Remember this card". Enter the amount and click "Pay". After that you will be available to all paid emoticons.
Copy pictures and insert them in your posts and comments. Or draw funny images by yourself. Though it will take a little dream and sit in front of the monitor.
Interesting pictures of smiles, both paid and free, for the "Classmates" can be found in thematic groups site dedicated to the design of forums, creation of images, or on websites of similar subjects. However, note that not all images copied on websites, inserted into the message in the original version.