A man and a woman should be in the appropriate mood and do not skip the foreplay when it comes to such important process as the conception. Kissing and erotic massage, stimulate erogenous zones and cause sexual arousal. Then you can switch to the direct selection of effective POS.

Experts believe that the missionary position when the woman is at the bottom and man on top, increases the likelihood of conception. This position deep penetration, greater closeness and intimacy between partners. Pose "a dog" is considered a position of deep penetration and is perfect for conception. In addition, this position causes the intense orgasm for men. Thus, if you want to achieve successful conception, it at least temporarily to stop the "classical" poses.

What are the bad postures for conception?

There are sexual positions that negatively affect the process of conception as not allow the necessary penetration of the sperm. One of them – "woman on top". All positions in which a woman will be on top, are ineffective because it blocked the way to the cervix. Posture in which the partners are sitting or standing also prevent sufficient penetration of the sperm.

How important is the female orgasm?

It is obvious that the male orgasm is necessary for conception, but female orgasm can contribute to the successful achievement of the goal. It helps in the ovulation process. Thus the woman can easily enjoy the closeness with your partner. However, despite the fact that the female orgasm may promote the successful conception, it is not necessary.

For more tips

Some experts recommend that women be placed under the thigh a small pillow. It is believed that in this way the sperm will reach the target. In addition, experts believe that after intercourse the woman should lie on her back for half an hour, preferably with a pillow under her hips.