You will need
  • The test for determining the start of ovulation, prenatal vitamins
Before trying to become pregnant, be sure to undergo a medical examination. Consult your gynecologist about taking prenatal vitamins significantly reduces the risk of neural tube defects of the fetus due to the high content of folic acid. Propene rate of nutrients before beginning trying to conceive a baby.
Determine a day "x", the most effective for conception. We are talking about the beginning of ovulation, which usually occurs in mid-menstrual cycle. Note that the release of an egg from the ovary – it is purely individual, so to significantly increase the chances of pregnancy, use a special medical kits. It may be test strips, a tablet and ink-jet tests, which allow to accurately determine the "point of reference".
Ovulation is the best time to focus on sex. Do not waste your strength on the selection of the "right key", just do it. There are myths about favorable positions for a successful fertilization, but no significant evidence that the standard missionary position most suitable for the conception than the pose of "horsewoman" in which the woman is on top, does not exist. Note, however, that women with a tilted uterus, should be particularly scrupulous approach to the issue.
Immediately after intercourse, take a horizontal position and stay in it for about 5-10 minutes to cum probably hit the cervix. While it is not necessary to lift both legs up - position of the pelvis it does not change.
Do not overdo sex during ovulation, since frequent ejaculation "value" of sperm is reduced. Making love each night in the fertile time, you twice increase your chances of successful conception because the sperm can stay active for about 72 hours. If you prefer more frequent sexual acts, pre-ask your partner to take the semen analysis, which will determine the level of its activity.
Don't get carried away with excessive exercise, it can have a negative impact on the ovulation process. The best option is a healthy pastime - a half-hour aerobic exercises, for example Jogging or walking, in combination with proper nutrition.
Positive mood – the key to success. Stress associated with trying to conceive a baby, can have a detrimental effect on ovulation. In addition, it can cause in men the fear of possible failure and, consequently, sexual dysfunction. Use any possible ways to relax without harm for health.