Eat right. First you need to give up alcohol and cigarettes. In the diet should be to add more meat and nuts. Eat more foods with vitamin E and don't forget succinic acid. This diet will allow you to be energetic, which will help the sperm to be faster and more efficient.
Take breaks in sex. Do not need 24 hours a day to try to conceive because effective only the first time. After that, the sperm do not have time to "Mature", and the result will be. So repeat attempts after 3 days of waiting. And only the first "salvo" will be effective in the second batch, the concentration of sperm is reduced by half.
Get out of the woman immediately after ejaculation. So you won't smear sperm or prevent the sperm to reach the "goal."
Try not to bring a woman to orgasm. During this peak the woman lifted the cervix, which prevents sperm from getting into it. If the cervix is left in place, sperm is easily ingested, and that is conception.
Before intercourse women are advised to proprietatis soda solution. Sometimes you may not even know about the inflammation in the body, which creates an inhospitable environment for sperm. Soda will help to restore the normal microflora, and even if there are no problems — a weak soda solution won't harm you.
Make sure you choose the pose for conception. It is best to use the classical position lying down. If you try to get pregnant standing up, the semen will seep back in, and the chances of getting pregnant are greatly reduced. Therefore, it is better to abandon experiments at this time and to use the missionary position. But if a woman has a tilted uterus, it is recommended to use a pose "behind".
After ejaculation the woman should remain in the same position – lie on your back or stomach. You can not just lie down, and squeeze your knees to your chest — so you can increase the chances of conception. But if your cervix is located is not standard, and turned to the side, it is better to ask the doctor what side.
After the act you need to relax and not torture yourself with thoughts of "pregnant or not". A woman should be in a good mood, no stress and nerves. If you do not follow this advice, you can disrupt the contractile activity of the fallopian tubes, and sperm cannot get to the destination. So don't be nervous and do not rush things.
Choose your time wisely. Experts believe that the best time for conception – the fall and the spring. In the morning, when the woman rested and full of energy, the best time to attempt to get pregnant. It is important that the woman was ovulating. It can be calculated by yourself or buy ovulation tests at the pharmacy.