Before you learn how to get pregnant with tied tubes, it is necessary to have the concept that represents this operation. Its goal is the creation of complete obstruction of the fallopian tube for the egg that prevents fertilization. Very common stories about how women with tied tubes happened to get pregnant and successfully carry a child.
Pregnancy after tubal ligation in cases when reverse operation is not carried out, it is possible, but with a very small probability. This may result from deficient ligation or defect. A woman can be in position during surgery – pregnancy 1-2 weeks invisible. There are incredibly rare, but it is a real option – a fusion of the fallopian tubes, when a new passage through which sperm can penetrate the egg for fertilization.
If such accidents did not happen, the chances of getting pregnant with tied tubes is – they are directly proportional to how great the desire and financial ability. This may be the so-called inverse operation or IVF – in vitro fertilization.
The performance recovery of the fallopian tubes after ligation – 50-80%. Success depends on many factors – this method is used for ligation, and the elapsed time is less than it, the greater the likelihood of success, and the condition of the pipes. The restore operation consists of restoring the fallopian tubes to its former state by connecting them sealed or clipped ends.
If a woman with tied tubes is decided on IVF, this is a fence, and she and the spouse of the genetic material of eggs and sperm. They are transferred into a test tube, where fertilization occurs, after which the resulting embryo sits into the uterine cavity. Under the action of hormonal preparations is its implantation. If the coincidence is successful, the embryo will continue to heal and will develop normally.