First recommendation should be given to the man, as successful conception depends not only on partner. It's time to pull myself together and at least temporarily to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages and Smoking. Alcohol negatively affects sperm become inactive. And the health of the unborn child, this fact can act negatively. Wear airy pants, less sedentary work, do not overheat and do not SuperCool the groin area (do not visit baths and swimming pools). From overheating killed the part of sperm, so getting pregnant in this case will not work quickly. And try not to cause women negative emotions, since stress can affect ovulation.
And now, the recommendations for women. As in the case of the strong sex, the attitude to the conception must be responsible. No alcohol and Smoking. Nicotine kills eggs. A healthy lifestyle should also include proper nutrition. In the women's diet needs to be vegetables, seafood and fruit. Food should be rich in vitamin E and A, folic acid. Try to sleep, sleep should be not less than eight hours a day.
Vacation is the most favorable time for conception. Drop everything and immediately go to the warm coast. Clean air and a pleasant atmosphere will help you to quickly get pregnant. A woman should be able to assume favorable days for conception. To determine the onset of ovulation with help of special tests that are sold in the pharmacy, taking the schedule of basal temperature. If your cycle is 28 days, ovulation occurs approximately on day 14 (all have individual differences).
Limit the intake of medications, including antihistamines, antibiotics and analgesics because they inhibit the maturation of oocytes. Do not use during sex purchase lube as it kills sperm. After intercourse it is recommended to lie on your back for fifteen minutes, during which time the sperm will be able to approach the cervix.