To cure a bend of a uterus, you need to find out the cause of this violation. Be sure to consult a doctor and pass all examinations.
If the cause of the bend of the uterus are tumors of various internal organs that put pressure on the uterus, altering the position, you need to get rid of them by surgery or by medication. As a rule, the position of the uterus is normalized.
If the disease is caused by heavy sports physical exercise, physical strain after the birth, not caused anatomical abnormalities, an effective method is the gymnastics by which the uterus returns to the correct position:- Lift the bent knee up to his abdomen.
- Take the straight leg backwards alternately in a standing position.
- Do the exercise "scissors" bike", write letters legs in the supine position.
- Exercise "cat" - standing on my knees I need to rely on your elbows and stretch, arching like a cat.
- Sitting on the floor along elongated legs straight, try to "go" buttocks forward and backward alternately.
- In any convenient place on the way to the transport, at the computer, sitting, standing or lying down, try to involve the anus then relax. The exercise is done up to 8 times several times a day.
- In the supine position to turn on the stomach and back, not helping himself with his hands.
Effective treatment of the bend of the uterus is a special pelvic massage, which increases the elasticity of adhesions, improves circulation in the pelvis.
A good result shows the treatment of homeopathic drugs under the supervision of a homeopath.
If you have diagnosed the bend of the uterusis strongly recommended not to undertake heavy physical activities, sports and exercises that require sudden movements and sudden changes in body position. Only a comprehensive treatment of various ways will give effective result in the treatment of the bend of the uterus.