Determining the start of ovulation

Fertile period – the time period in the menstrual cycle, which is characterized by the most probable pregnancy. Its duration is just 48 hours from the time of ovulation - when left in the ovary the egg "left to wander" in genital tract women in anticipation of meeting with sperm.

Note that the sperm cells remain active and viable in the female body for 3-5 days. Thus, taking into account male and female factors, the duration of the fertile period is about 6-8 days.

To increase the likelihood of conception, it is necessary to determine the onset of ovulation. This can be done at home, tests, reacting to the presence in the urine luteinizing hormone, as well as by measuring basal temperature. As a rule, ovulation occurs monthly approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle, but this may depend on many individual factors.

What positions increase the likelihood of conception?

Choice favorable for conception poses largely depends on the structural features of the woman's womb. For example, when the two-horned body, it is recommended to lift up the pelvis, and at the inner bend is to lie on your stomach, leaning in the direction of the bend, or take the knee-elbow position. Women, in which the neck is situated just above the uterus, are advised to take position: female on back, male on top.

There is the main rule for anyone who wants to get pregnant after ejaculation you should not immediately get better for some time to lie on my side or strike a pose "birches". This is done in order to eliminate the possibility of leakage of sperm.

To achieve this goal it is better not to have sex in a too hot room, full bath or pool. Also important to after intercourse, the woman refused to use hygiene products that change the pH level in the vagina, can harm sperm.

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

According to representatives of the world health organization, zinc deficiency in the body can lead to problems with conception. Therefore, the diet women planning a pregnancy, must contain seafood and meat. In addition, it should completely exclude the use of semi-finished and other products of fast preparation.

A healthy lifestyle is the Foundation of a successful conception and a smooth pregnancy. Moderate exercise, and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes will help to achieve the desired result. In addition, women need to protect themselves from anything that causes negative emotions, and to live in anticipation of meeting the little man.