One of the simplest options is to use a special USSD request or sending sms messages. To do this, open the official website of your mobile operator, go to "Rates", select the one that you want to go and find the number you want to call.
To change the tariff, subscribers of MTS can use one of the following methods. First dial *111# and press the call button. You will be taken to the mobile portal, use the menu which can change the current tariff plan to the desired one. The second method is the use of Internet assistant. To do this, follow the link and log in. Using the appropriate settings, change the tariff plan. You can also call the number or 7660166 0990 for communication with the operator.
The subscribers of "Beeline", being individuals, can call the short number 0611 or by calling (495) 974-8888. Tell the operator your passport data, after which the rate on which you want to go. If you represent a legal entity, submit a written statement by Fax (495) 974-5996. You can also treat him to one of the service offices.
If you are a subscriber of a network "Megaphone", you can switch to another tariff by using one of the following options. The first option – 0500 dial the number and press the call key. Follow reports instructions. The second variant – use the service "Service guide" ( You will need to enter the phone number and password. Then using the interface of the "Service guide", you will be able to change the tariff plan to the desired one.
If you are a subscriber of the mobile operator "Tele2", call 630. Applicants follow the prompts to change the tariff.