Preparing documents for initial registration, pay special attention to the text of the Statute. Inconsistency of individual items may lead to conflict situations. Carefully approach the writing of paragraphs, which dealt with property rights.
After preparation of the Charter hand over the documents to the tax office for registration. After five days you will receive the certified articles of incorporation. The package of documents includes: a notarized statement, two copies of the Charter (one for archive, the other is handed out), the decision or the Protocol (signed by founders), on the orders of the General Director and chief accountant, statement on code assignment, power of attorney.
Before you certify the application at the notary, prepare the project Charter documents. Without them, the notary does not certify anything. To sling ink a statement, the founder must, in the presence of a notary.
Be sure to sew the Charter before to hand it over to the tax office. On the reverse side to put the stamp "bound-numbered, specifying the number of pages and certifying signature of the Director General.
After receiving the documents from the tax office, detect: extract from the register, round seals of tax inspection, a stamp on filled with details (date; OGRN of the company; the position, name, signature of the registering authority).