You will need
  • - the text of the old Charter;
  • - list of changes;
  • - decision about the amendment of the Charter.
Prepare the documents required for registration of the Charter of the company. Write the corresponding statement on a form which can be downloaded from the website of the Federal tax service (FNS). It must be signed by the CEO or other person with documented legal authority. Further, the statement will need to notarize, to attest to the validity of the signature.
Also please make a document that will contain a list of amendments to the Charter and the decision adopted by the Board of Directors, shareholders (for joint-stock companies) or sole Director (for limited liability companies).
Pay the state fee for making this type of documentation. In 2011 it amounted to four hundred rubles. Payment can be made through the savings Bank, where special stands are examples of filling receipts with the Bank details of addressees.

Receipt of payment of the duty stamp of the cashier of the Bank also apply to the package of documents.
Find the coordinates of the district office of the Federal tax service. This can be done via the website, on by logging on to taxpayers.
Come on, in all documents or send them by mail. In the second case, the letter should be with acknowledgment of receipt.
After consideration your application will receive a document confirming the registration of the relevant changes to the Statute in the Unified state register of legal entities. employees of the Department of FNS should send this document to organization address within a week of receipt of their statements from the owners of the firm. If the paper is not coming for a long time, contact with the IRS by phone or go there in person and find out why.