When do I need to notarize documents

Copies of documents must be certified in any way, otherwise they will be considered just pieces of paper, even if their content corresponds exactly to the original. But what is a certified copy, is largely dependent on which organization you will need to present it. In some cases it will be sufficient if the document is stamped by your organization, and some – for this procedure you will have to pay the notary.

Copies of the documents you need to provide to the tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds, under registration of civil transactions, as well as for presentation to the courts, etc. So, in particular, paragraph 8 of article 75 Legal and Administrative code sets rule, according to which the courts must be submitted original documents or their copies, duly certified. Otherwise, if copies are not attested properly, a judicial decision can be challenged and even undone.

How to certify a copy of the document at the notary

At the notary you can certify a copy of any document, but since it will have to pay to assure all the same to be only those documents for which regulations stipulated it notarized. So, only certified copies are accepted in case of statement of the tax registration and its registration in the state register or in the case of registration of documents for obtaining membership in SRO and the authorization to perform a particular type of activity. Citizens, notarization is required in case of registration of inheritance, transactions with real estate, etc.
In the absence of a notary for his signature could be likened attesting the signature of the head of administration of municipal formation or a specially designated official.

How to certify a copy of the document independently

If the instrument does not explicitly state the need to provide notarized copies, their authenticity, you can assure yourself. According to the current decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 04.08.83 No. 9779-X "On the procedure of issuing and witnessing by enterprises, institutions and organizations copies of documents relating to the rights of citizens", a copy can be certified by the head of the enterprise or any officer, having the authority. These powers include the appropriate order.
If the copy is on several pages, to assure you each of them individually, or sewn and numbered sheets, and the certifying labels to indicate: "copy of the 3 sheets is correct".

Therefore, the documents of the organization and its employees has the right to assure the supervisor or the official who has authority to do so. The legal force of such copy in accordance with GOST R 51141-98, will give the necessary details: the mark of the original document, date of issue and the inscription "true Copy" approved by the last name, initials, signature of the officer-witness. The authenticity of the signature of the witness is confirmed by the seal of the organization.