In General, the main function of the notary in the Russian Federation is the authentication of documents and their copies that may be required in various cases. The exercise of notarial acts, and the requirements and limitations of their Commission is established in our country a special legal act: law No. 4462-I dated February 11, 1993, entitled "fundamentals of RF legislation on notaries".

Documents to be notarized

To apply for the notarial certificate to the specialist with a variety of documents that are issued by both state bodies and physical or legal persons. In accordance with the law on notaries and other legal acts of our country there are several categories of documents that are subject to obligatory certification by a notary. These include documents such as marriage contract, annuity contract or annuity, a statement of acceptance of the inheritance, the will, the permission of parents on departure of the minor child abroad and some others.

Notarized may be other documents in the case, if circumstances so require. For example, under the terms of the transaction between the parties require notarization of all accompanying documents. However, it is necessary to ensure that such documents meet the requirements of the legislation: the text is written clearly, all contained numbers at least once spelled out words, eliminating discrepancies, and all the data involved in the transaction of natural or legal persons are written in full, without abbreviations. If the required document is executed on several sheets, these sheets should be stitched, numbered and sealed. In addition, you should make sure that submitted to the certification documents do not contain features that might interfere with the notary to attest to their authenticity.

Restrictions on notarization

The instances when a notary may refuse to certify documents, enshrined in article 45 of the law on notaries. The specified section of the given normative legal act, in particular, establishes that the expert has no right to notarize documents that contain erasures, corrections, and strikeouts, and also paper, written in pencil. In addition, you will be given the assurance of the text, which by reason of disrepair or due to the impact of other factors was unreadable or illegible.