Advice 1: How to certify a copy of the passport

In many cases it is sufficient to present a simple copy of the passport. If you need a certified, check with your company that you need to provide all the requirements for certification. However, often mandatory visa notary.
How to certify a copy of the passport
You will need
  • - the original document;
  • - money to pay for services based upon the certification by the notary).
To get copies of passport, visa, notary, suffice it to refer to any of them with the original passport and cash to pay for services pursuant to the price list (average of around 100 rubles per page).
If the assistant notary does not remove copies of the document itself, you will have to do this at the nearest place where such service is provided. Find it next to the notary's office usually easy: there's a demand, there is supply.
It is best to call the office selected the notary and to clarify this point, not to visit it then twice.
In some cases, a copy of the passport of the individual entrepreneur or the head of the organization may certify itself its owner. Usually this applies to documents submitted to the tax bodies and extrabudgetary funds.
In this case, you must write on each page "true Copy", sign, indicating their positions (entrepreneurs and write "Individual owner") and signature, to specify the date and the stamp.

Advice 2: As a notarized copy of the document

A notarized copy of the documents you may need, both physical and legal entity in many situations. This is one of the most common reasons for citizens to notaries. Steps to certification of true copies in Russia are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law "fundamentals of RF legislation on notaries" (V. 77-79)
As a notarized copy of the document
You will need
  • the original pledge documents;
  • -passport;
  • -notary;
  • -money.
To assure a copy of the document can only be a notary, so find out in advance the address of the nearest notary public offices and their hours of operation. In accordance with the law, any citizen can assure the necessary documents, without being their owner. The exception is the situation of certification of the copy of the passport, which must be present.
Check the document, a copy of which you want to be notarized. In accordance with Federal law for him to meet a number of requirements: the sheet should be holistic, not salaminians, must not contain any unreadable or strikethrough text, or seals, should not be pencil inscriptions. In that case, if the document consists of two pages, they all must be bound, numbered, sealed and signed by an authorized officer.There are also certain types of documents, copies of which, in principle, not subject to notarial certification. These include: diplomas without a registration number; the contract in the simple written form; the paper marked "secret"; medical documents according to the order of the Ministry of health and several others.
Immediately before the procedure of certified copies a notary will need to verify your identity. Use for this purpose your passport. After that, he will make xeroa copy of the document and certify it with their seal and signature. Then pay the notary fee according to the valid price list (in Moscow, the average cost of these works is 100 rubles per page).
Keep notarized copies of your documents as long as necessary, because in accordance with the law, their validity is not limited. It is best to store them at home or with relatives. Then in the event of a force majeure situation they can use immediately.
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