To amend the Charter of OOO you'll need in that case, if you changed the composition of participants, the founders decided to change its name, changed the legal address of the company, its leadership, there was a decrease or increase of the authorized capital or you need to adjust the information in this document types of activities. If the mentioned situation occurred, make the appropriate changes to the text of the Charter of your company.
Pay the state fee for registration of changes in constituent documents of legal entities and the state duty for amendments to the Charter. They are equal to 400 and 800 rubles, respectively.
In the tax inspection at the place of registration, take the form of application for state registration of a legal entity. The form can be downloaded from the website of the FTS of Russia. Complete and sign the application on behalf of the applicant – the head of the company.
The application shall attach the necessary documents. This is a notarized copy of the decision on amendments to the founding documents, the text of the new Charter of the company, as amended, receipt of payment of the registration fee. Applicant's signature on the application also assure at the notary. For notarized you need a full package of constituent documents, orders on appointment of the General Director and chief accountant, information about the changes and additional information, depending on the nature of these changes. It can be the passport data of new participants, the list of activities according to the adjusted amount of share capital, etc.
Submit the documents to the registering authority – tax office. You can do this himself, surrendering their inventory, copies of which you should check that the documents are accepted. You can also send all the documents by mail. Postal items must have the declared value and the investment inventory.
By law, no later than 5 working days after the date of receipt of documents, the tax inspection must issue a certificate of recording of changes in the Charter of the LLC and their registration in the state register.