To assure the copy of the work book should be in the personnel Department of the employing organization. If you are working in a small firm where HR is not, to assure a copy of the employment needs of people, which shall maintain individual record of the employees. In smaller firms it may engage the chief accountant. Also a copy of the workbook can assure the Director of the organization.
Remove copies of all pages of labor book from the first page with personal data and ending with a page showing the current place of work. Copies of each employment do turn on a separate A4 sheet.
On all copies of the work book pages except the last responsible person in the organization puts the company's stamp and makes the inscription "true Copy". Below puts the date of authentication of copies, writes the post and puts the painting. The text and printing needs half to be removed on the print copy of the work record and the second half on a free part of the sheet.
For copies of the last page of the work book the responsible person of the organization puts the same mark as on the previous pages: the words "true Copy", date verification, position and signature, plus an additional prescribes the phrase: "Working on now".
Thus a certified copy of the employment record to rule out any inaccuracies and ambiguity and accepted by any Bank as a document confirming a permanent place of work.