Ask the person who contacted you with a request to certify a copy of the employment to the Bank, write the application for issuance of certified copies of employment record. To fulfill his request, you must no later than three working days from the date of application of the employee with such statement.
Photocopy of all filled sheets of the work book, including its front page with the indication of surname, name and patronymic of its owner. For copies of the last page put a pen inscription "to Work today to post...", specify the position, sign, decrypt the signature, date of certification of the copy and the seal of the personnel Department.
Assure copies of all sheets of the work book by putting each page in the lower left corner of the stamp says "True" (if you do not have such a stamp this inscription can be done by hand). Below, write your position, signature, printed name and the date of the certification.
Fold the leaves of the copies of employee work record in order. Number the pages by placing room handle in the lower right corner. Proszowice folded sheets. On the reverse side of the last sheet at the place of bonding the ends of the thread attach a piece of paper with the inscription "Numbered and bound (number) pages," check the date, enter your title, initials and put his signature. Staple piercing the sheets with the seal of the personnel Department.