Advice 1: How to certify a copy of the employment contract

An employment contract is a document concluded between the employer and the employee.It establishes certain obligations and renders the rights of both parties. A copy of any kind of contract, regardless of its validity can be assured. It is necessary to follow a set of defined rules that give the opportunity to do it legally correct.
How to certify a copy of the employment contract
You will need
  • - employment contract (original and copy);
  • - photocopy;
  • - awl, thread, needle;
  • stapler;
  • - seal of the organization.
Read the original labor contract, a copy of which must be certified. Check the spelling of the surname, name, patronymic of the employee with whom a contract, his passport number and address, note the presence of signature of Director and seal of the organization, which should be a mandatory and integral part of the employment contract.
Using a photocopier, make a copy of all pages of the document. It should be one-sided and clear. If the employment contract has multiple pages, lay them in order.
Take an awl, put all the pages of your document together. On the left side of the copy of the contract, without touching the text, make two holes, located at a small distance from each other. Sew all the pages of the thread through. On the last page of the reverse side of the contract bind a thread to each other, leaving a few inches of their ends free.
Glue a small square piece of white paper on the extended ends of thread so that they were not completely hidden. Fixed in such a way that the pages of your document will eliminate the need to notarize each sheet of the contract, indicating that the copy is correct.
Write the last page of the copy of the employment contract, since the mid-glued to the threads of the piece, the word "Right." Below, specify the number of sheets contained in the document, designating them by numbers and then in words, by enclosing in brackets. Next, write the position of the person certifying the document signature and a transcript, indicating the surname and initials, and then a date where the day, month and year enter numbers. The stamp set is not necessarily, although in most organizations it is accepted.
On the last page of the employment contract put a note stating that one original is in the organization, attesting to a copy of the document. In some cases, it is customary to specify the reason, which shall be certified by an employment contract.
If a copy of the contract has several pages, stapled by means of staples, assure each of them individually by signing the bottom of each sheet the word "Right." At the end of the contract under the signature of the parties indicate the position signature, its decoding, which includes the surname and initials, and the date.
In case of difficulties related to correctly certify a copy of the employment agreement , contact HR, legal or accounting departments of the organization for further clarification.
The employment contract shall enter into force upon its signing by both parties. One copy must be the employer, another – at the worker. In case of violation by the employee of the date of commencement of work specified in the contract, the employer is entitled to cancel the contract unilaterally.
Useful advice
On the basis of the written application, the employee is entitled within three days to obtain from the employer duly certified copies of documents, which, in addition to the employment contract include a certificate of paid insurance contributions, on salaries, orders about transfer to another job, etc.

Advice 2 : How to certify a photocopy

The law makes certification of a photocopy of the same requirements as to certification of any copy of the document. Entity a certified copy is that it has the same legal force, which possesses the original. Therefore, in this aspect, proper authentication of copy of will mean giving it legal force.
How to certify a photocopy
There are two ways the proper authentication of copies: simple and notarial. To clarify the question of what way of authentication is required in each case, you should contact that authority or to that person which you are trying to copy.
A simple method of authentication to carry out can be any organization, any Agency, institution, in General, any natural or legal person who issued the original document. Certifies copies of the Manager or, as a rule, a person authorized by him. If these subjects by the time necessary verification not already exist, to certify the copy can only be a notary.
For simple authentication of copies must have:

- the words "Right" under the requisite "signature";

- the position of the person who certified the copy;

- signature of the attesting person;

a signature attesting to the person;

- date of certification;

- seal of the organization, assuring a copy.
Notarial authentication method, but rather the notarial certificate of copies of the document, the process is more complex, besides not free. But such copies will take anywhere, and they do not expire. In order to assure the application, you will need to pay stamp duty or payment of services of private notary, to come to him with the original document and its copy, and also to have the document proving the identity. Without verifying your identity, the notary can assure you nothing will happen.
For some documents, notaries require that they be numbered and stitched. The procedure itself doesn't take very long, unless, of course, your identity will not cause the notary suspicion during the inspection.
Due to the large proliferation of photocopies, and in General with large volumes of copying documents, almost all legal entities have special stamps for authentication of copies. Yes, and all the clerks know the procedure, so the problems mostly arise.
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