Advice 1: How to certify a copy of the employment contract

An employment contract is a document concluded between the employer and the employee.It establishes certain obligations and renders the rights of both parties. A copy of any kind of contract, regardless of its validity can be assured. It is necessary to follow a set of defined rules that give the opportunity to do it legally correct.
How to certify a copy of the employment contract
You will need
  • - employment contract (original and copy);
  • - photocopy;
  • - awl, thread, needle;
  • stapler;
  • - seal of the organization.
Read the original labor contract, a copy of which must be certified. Check the spelling of the surname, name, patronymic of the employee with whom a contract, his passport number and address, note the presence of signature of Director and seal of the organization, which should be a mandatory and integral part of the employment contract.
Using a photocopier, make a copy of all pages of the document. It should be one-sided and clear. If the employment contract has multiple pages, lay them in order.
Take an awl, put all the pages of your document together. On the left side of the copy of the contract, without touching the text, make two holes, located at a small distance from each other. Sew all the pages of the thread through. On the last page of the reverse side of the contract bind a thread to each other, leaving a few inches of their ends free.
Glue a small square piece of white paper on the extended ends of thread so that they were not completely hidden. Fixed in such a way that the pages of your document will eliminate the need to notarize each sheet of the contract, indicating that the copy is correct.
Write the last page of the copy of the employment contract, since the mid-glued to the threads of the piece, the word "Right." Below, specify the number of sheets contained in the document, designating them by numbers and then in words, by enclosing in brackets. Next, write the position of the person certifying the document signature and a transcript, indicating the surname and initials, and then a date where the day, month and year enter numbers. The stamp set is not necessarily, although in most organizations it is accepted.
On the last page of the employment contract put a note stating that one original is in the organization, attesting to a copy of the document. In some cases, it is customary to specify the reason, which shall be certified by an employment contract.
If a copy of the contract has several pages, stapled by means of staples, assure each of them individually by signing the bottom of each sheet the word "Right." At the end of the contract under the signature of the parties indicate the position signature, its decoding, which includes the surname and initials, and the date.
In case of difficulties related to correctly certify a copy of the employment agreement , contact HR, legal or accounting departments of the organization for further clarification.
The employment contract shall enter into force upon its signing by both parties. One copy must be the employer, another – at the worker. In case of violation by the employee of the date of commencement of work specified in the contract, the employer is entitled to cancel the contract unilaterally.
Useful advice
On the basis of the written application, the employee is entitled within three days to obtain from the employer duly certified copies of documents, which, in addition to the employment contract include a certificate of paid insurance contributions, on salaries, orders about transfer to another job, etc.

Advice 2 : How to assure a copy of the work

Copy of a workbook is often required when obtaining visas, loans, loans in many different circumstances. So it was a valuable document and has been adopted, it must assure.
How to assure a copy of the work
If employment history is in your hands, to assure her a copy can be notarized. To do this you need to come to him with this document and to pay the agreed amount. The problem with the assertion in this case can only arise when incorrect processing of the record or the liner in it. For example, if there are any corrections without the required inscriptions "Corrected to believe" and signature.
When the work book is stored on the work to obtain a certified copy in the personnel Department. And in his absence – by the person responsible for this, chief accountant or the head of the organization. Give a copy of you are required within three working days after your treatment.
With the work book are copied all the pages, and a reversal is done on a separate sheet of A4. At the bottom of each page of the hand written "true Copy", and indicates the position responsible for this is his signature, and next to her signature. Then put the certification date and print service personnel or organization that needs a little to go to the text of the work book.
Upon the certification of the last page before the label "true Copy" should be specified if it still works this person or not. Usually spelled "Fired from such and such a date" or "Working on now". Similarly, a certified copy of the employment record usually require a Bank.
To assure employment and other method. Pages of the work are copied in a similar manner and sewn thread. All the sheets enumerated, and the last spell "bound and numbered a certain number of pages", then specify "true Copy", shall bear the date, the identity and position of the responsible person, signature, its decoding and the seal of the organization. Printing should also be on the bond thread.

Advice 3 : How to certify a copy

The Commission of any transaction or case to the state organization, as a rule, require certified copies of documents. These can be copies of contracts, copies of passport or employment records. The main way to implement validation is to appeal to the notary, but there are other options.
certification of documents

The ways of verification of documents

Certification of documents can happen in several ways, depending on who exactly you need to get your hands on the paper: organization, individual entrepreneur or a private person.

1. A direct address to the notary at the place of residence. To do this you need to find out where the district office of a notary, and come to him during office hours on issues certified copies. Depending on the load of a specialist you can make documents almost immediately or to spend half an hour or more, waiting for their turn. If you anticipate a large volume of work, it is possible that the notary you need to register. The same services can be obtained from private specialists.

2. Departure of the notary on the individual or organization. In this case, it is sufficient to have a telephone notary office to pre-negotiate the terms of his arrival and the amount of work. Often, this opportunity was used by small businesses, entrepreneurs and people who do not have the opportunity to come to the office to the notary.

3. Self-certification of copies. For large companies and organizations, this method is optimal, as they are entitled to certify copies of documents held by them.

4. Ordering of certified copies and copies with granting of originals on the website of public services. In this resource there is a large list of documents, copies of which can be ordered natural or legal person. For example, a copy of the certificate of state registration.

What is needed for certification of documents

To properly and timely execute and certify a copy of the desired document, you need to have:

• passport;
• the document that is being notarized;
• a copy of the certified document;
• a certain amount to pay for the services of a notary, which you can specify by phone in each office.

Also for the procedure of certification of copies may require additional documents:

• a power of attorney granting the right to certify copies of documents of another person;
• the document confirming the right to free notary services or services at reduced rates;
• a document giving the right to a free notary on the house;
• a document confirming the right to certify copies of documents of a particular organization.

Assure documents

If you or your family do not have the opportunity to personally visit the notary for certification of copies of the document, the expert can be invited to the house. To do this, look in the Handbook or on the website of the organization the phone number of the notary. When you call, specify your need. Secretary will guide you through the prices and features of services, after which you will be able to negotiate the time of arrival of the specialist. Shortly before that, do not forget to prepare everything necessary for the provision of services: the documents, a convenient place for the notary work, money.
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