You can issue a power of attorney to sell the apartment as a natural person and a legal. If you have no time to engage in the transaction, and to sell the house is still necessary- it can be your relative, friend or a firm providing similar services. The property is owned by multiple owners? Make a power of attorney will have on behalf of all the holders of property rights.
If you make a power of attorney is not on a loved one, and on "another's uncle", it makes sense to conclude normal. It is possible to prescribe the acceptable scope of rights of the representative of your interests and to insure against fraud on his part – just describe it in detail in a complete list of acceptable actions on the part of the agent - representative of a real estate company. Are you ready to trust a friend or relative like myself? Execute a General power of attorney, if you want to give people the opportunity to dispose of your property as their own.
To a power of attorney to sell the apartment to have legal effect, it must be enclosed by a notary. For registration need a passport or a document substituting it temporarily. Its signature is impossible in the absence of one of the parties – don't forget to invite on the design of his confidant. A notary public must specify in the contract whether the representative the right to sell only or in addition to this, he must collect the necessary documents. The validity of a power of attorney is determined by you – it can be the time period from one year to three years. If your have multiple properties, it makes sense to make a one-time and special power of attorney that gives the legal representative the right to regular sale or office space on your behalf. Be sure to specify in written testimony to the possibility of revocation of the powers granted to you at any time unilaterally.