You will need
  • Passport of the client and the attorney.
  • When making a power of attorney for property or a car a package of documents on the property.
  • Notary.
Execute the power of attorney must be made in writing and personally.
It must contain the place and date of issue (in words), valid passport data of the persons concluding the transaction, their place of residence and the presence or absence of a right of substitution. Assigned power painted with much detail, showing all the subtleties and nuances, in order to avoid any illegal actions. There is a possibility of making a power of attorney is a special provision that the principal can insure yourself against all possible risks.
Note that the validity of the document is a maximum of three years, if this point is not specified in the proxy, it is valid for one calendar year from the date of signing.
The power of attorney received on behalf of a legal entity, the seal and personal signature of the head. A notary confirms the authenticity of only in the cases provided for by law and shall be certified by a document in connection with the transfer of authority. However, it is useful to visit the notary in any case.
When you change the head of the organization that issued the General power of attorney, you should immediately get a new paper, signed by the current Director.
The power of attorney issued by a natural person is subject to compulsory notarial certification.
When making a power of attorney on the ownership of the vehicle in the document include data about the make, model, color, registration and identification numbers, date of manufacture, chassis, engine, body and information from the passport of the vehicle and registration certificate.