You will need
  • - the form of application for state registration of rights to housing and transactions with it;
  • - a notarized power of attorney to act on the sale of housing, specified in the documents for ownership;
  • documents about ownership of the property;
  • - explication and a floor drawing with the purchase and sale of apartments);
  • - a detailed statement from the house register (if the sale of the apartment);
  • a copy financially-the personal account of the purchased property;
  • - originals and photocopies of passports of the buyer, seller and Trustee;
  • - the two sides signed an act of transfer of the property;
  • - original and copy of the payment receipt of state duty.
Arrange a power of attorney to conduct real estate transactions with a notary. For that go to him together with the owner and set of documents. Will issued official document that you get permission to make in respect of property action in its sole discretion. Be sure to write in it the number of the certificate on the state registration of rights to housing, your passport details, the address of the property. And specify the extent to which management is transferred to you.
Conclude and register the contract of sale if the transaction is performed on change of the owner of the premises or of the property owned by the company. In other cases, the drafting of this document is not required. Need only be signed by the parties of the transfer act.
Download a contract form on the website In the first line write the surname, a name, a patronymic and passport data of the seller and the buyer. In the "Subject contract" put the address where the property is located. "Contract Price and payment", specify the value of the property. Add your Bank account details and signatures of the parties. If you are fully transferred to transactions with real estate, all the data you specify from your documents. If you only have the right to register the transaction, the contract must be details of the owner.
Register the agreement of purchase and sale of real estate in Federal registration service of the Russian Federation. To do this with a set of documents, head to one of its affiliates. To find your nearest, please visit: or call reference phones: +7(495)917-57-98, +7(495)917-48-52. The presence of the present owner in transactions power of attorney is not required.