Before issuing the document to anyone, be aware that this document unilaterally fixes the content and scope of authority of the Trustee, determine his rights and obligations to the principal. Power of attorney differ from each other in terms of powers and divided into one-time, special and General (General).
Identify the attorney. The Trustees can only be a legally capable adult citizens and legal persons.
Specify the power of attorney what form you need to register. Each type of attorney usually has a special form, which are represented in the notary's offices. Power of attorney executed solely in writing. Sometimes it is enough just to write it by hand, so it is considered valid (for example, entrusting transport control). And you can print the document, but to personally affix the date and signature. If the Trustee is far away from you, you can use Telegraph, Fax or e-mail.
Contact the notary, if your power of attorney involves notarization. Give the officer your passport, the documents that define your authority in respect of trust (documents of title in case of transfer the property to the management; statement of claim, if you pass the right legal representation, etc.).
The power of attorney is issued on the letterhead and stamped with the signature and seal of the notary. If you make a power of attorney, you must accurately and completely reflect the authority of your representative, name of the institution and commit it on your behalf actions.
Required element - information about the beneficiary and the date of its compilation. The power of attorney is a personal document issued to one or more trusted entities And granted it can be one or several persons. The Trustee determines the period of power of attorney which, however, in any case, limited to three years. The power of attorney, which period is not specified, is valid for a year. Exceptionally allowed to issue perpetual powers of attorney for actions outside of Russia.