You will need
  • -passport of all parties involved
  • -documents of title to the apartment
  • -certificate of ownership
  • -extract from the cadastral passport
  • -permission from all owners
  • -the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, if the owners or prescribed are minors, incapable or partially capable persons
  • -certificate stating that all the prescribed
  • -extract account
  • -notarization of Deposit
  • -agreement of purchase and sale
  • -collection of the full amount for the apartment
  • -the act of transfer and acceptance
  • receipt about payment of state duty
  • -registration of rights of ownership to buyers
If you are going to sell the apartment, without turning to intermediaries, it is necessary to know all the details of paperwork, finding buyers, and most importantly transfer money for the sold apartments.
To execute documents for the sale of the apartment, you need to contact the BTI, call technical staff, and update technical documents, because you will need an extract from the cadastral passport. Once you do upgrade, take the extract from the cadastral passport for sale.
You will also need notarized permission from all owners for sale of the apartment (article 244 of the civil code) and their spouse (article p. 256 of the civil code and article 34 paragraph 1 of the RF IC).
Contact with all the owners to a notary public and execute a notarized authorization. If the apartment are minors, incapable or partially capable by the owners, it is on sale should notify the guardianship and wardship authority to decree for sale (article 29, 29 of the civil code). Parents or legal representatives of minors, incapable or partially capable owners must give notarized permission to sell only after receipt of the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship.
Write down all registered with the housing and take a certificate stating that all the prescribed. If the apartment registered minors, incapable or partially capable persons, it shall notify the statement, the bodies of guardianship and guardianship and receive a decision on permission statements (article 292 Chapter 18). If this is not done, the extract unable to recognize illegal by the court and registration to be restored (article 2965, 3075, civil code). In this case, the buyers can sue you in court and to recognize the transaction of purchase and sale void due to the questionable purity of the transaction.
After collecting all of the documents engage an advertising company on the sale. For personal safety, do not include the address of the sold apartments, and let the is phones for communication. Make an appointment with the buyers to inspect the apartment when you can be someone else. To admit strangers under the guise of buyers is very dangerous, being in the apartment alone.
Once buyers are found, immediately take the Deposit and make him of a notary. In accordance with the new rules of law, the contract at both pre and main can be concluded in a simple written form. But it is necessary to refer to article 421, 420, 432, 317, 555 of the civil code. And if you are not particularly versed in the laws, entrust the execution of the contract the notary, who has higher legal education and experience.
Next comes the registration of the notarial contract of purchase and sale. Immediately after signing the contract, take over the apartment for the rest of the amount. Money needs to be taken in the form of cash in a Bank, making the transfer from the buyer's account to your account. If you want to get the cash, rent safe-Deposit box, invite witnesses and when witnesses take the payment for the apartment, count and immediately put on your account or in a Bank cell. The most dangerous option if the sale is a situation when cash is received and are in the hands of the seller. Or when the documents are prepared, and the calculation of the rent is not received. So be careful!
Only after receiving the entire amount of the calculation execute an act of acceptance-transfer and registration of ownership rights to buyers.