You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - passport of the authorized person.
For registration of power of attorney on sale of apartment , please contact your notary. You and your Trustee are required to have only a valid passport. Other documents for registration of powers of attorney do not match as the document is required to entered the passport data.
The results of the power of attorney is governed by article 185 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. You can issue a power of attorney to your Trustee to complete the transaction of purchase and sale, which includes gathering of necessary documents, execution of contract, act of transfer and acceptance and receipt of funds for products sold by the flat or give power of attorney to a partial operation, for example, only a preliminary collection of documents. In this case, to put all the signatures under the contracts and to receive funds for housing you personally.
That is, if you make a power of attorney to commit all of your powers, the Trustee has the right within three years to make any legally significant actions for you to dispose of the received money, to sign and to represent your interests before third parties. It will be a General power of attorney.
If you trust your authorized person to perform only certain specified actions, such as, as already stated, to collect documents for the sale of apartments, exchange, or purchase, make a one-time authorization. In this type of power of attorney all powers of attorney will stop after performing trusted operations.
If you want to grant a power of attorney only to the collection of documents and the sale of one housing, then execute the special power of attorney, which will end after these activities.
Essentially one-time and special power of attorney have minor differences and their validity is limited to the performance of special or one-off orders, which also includes a deal to sell one of the apartments.
You can at any time to revoke your proxy and to revoke a power of attorney. If cancellation is not done, the authorization will be valid for three years, but this term applies only to a General power of attorney, as the rest of the period, such as one-time or special, exhausted after performing trusted operations.