Decide the type of attorney that you will design. This can be a one-time authorization (for sale of the house or apartment, buying an apartment or house, the privatization of housing), it can also be a special power of attorney (on the surrender of the apartment lease, power of attorney for the use of a motor vehicle, representation in court, registration of certain kinds of documents).
Contact the Consulate (Consulate General) in the country in which you are, to formalize the power of attorney.
For notarization of a power of attorney, that is, when carrying out consular procedures, it is necessary to provide a number of documents that will verify your identity (passport) and confirming the legal capacity (medical certificate).
If you are a legal entity, which is necessary to make such a power of attorney, present to confirm their legal registration or legal documents. Such documents may include articles of incorporation, Charter or General provisions.
If necessary, arrange a transfer of power of attorney form. A document translation should be in the printed version. Verify the correctness of the translation of a Consul (the text in this document should not contain any errors and any corrections).
In some cases, may require consular legalization or apostille. Usually, the procedure of obtaining an apostille may take from several days to a month