Advice 1: When you need a notarized power of attorney

The power of attorney is a written document that one person gives to another for representation before third persons. The power of attorney may be executed in simple written form or in the notarial form.
When you need a notarized power of attorney
Situations when the law requires mandatory notarization of power of attorney, not so much. They are all written in the Civil code of the Russian Federation. So, the power of attorney need to be notarized if in the future it will be used for substitution (article 187 of the civil code), that is, to transfer the implementation of any action the Trustee others.In addition, a notarized power of attorney is required to obtain a re-certificate of state registration of acts of civil status for registration of rights to immovable property.Thus it is seen that in many cases, a simple written power of attorney without notarization. For example, to use someone else's vehicle notarized power of attorney is not required. It is only necessary in those cases when the representative (the one who issued the power of attorney) will be entrusted the vehicle to a third party or enter into transactions which require notarial form. But a notarized power of attorney will be needed for the sale of immovable property. Since buying and selling a house, land or apartment involves registration of rights to immovable property, means the confirmation by a notary. The law allows on their own to notarize a power of attorney does not need this. In most cases, to protect yourself from improper execution of the power of attorney and to give greater reliability to the document, people do. However, there are times when a person due to certain circumstances can not issue a power of attorney at the notary. In this case, it can endorse the authorized officials, and the attorney will possess notarial powers. In particular, equal to the notarial power of attorney: soldiers under treatment in the hospital if they are signed by the head of the institution or the doctor on duty;— servicemen residing in areas of deployment of military units where there are notaries, certified by the unit commander; in prison (power of attorney confirmed by the warden);— adult capable citizens in institutions of social protection of the population, certified by the administration.

Advice 2: As notarize documents

One of the most popular services provided by notaries is the certification of copies of documents. They have the same legal force as the originals, and may be useful to you during the registration of inheritance, when obtaining a loan, while applying for a job and for other purposes. In order for a notary to certify documents, you must perform a number of actions.
As notarize documents
You will need
  • the originals of the documents;
  • - copies of documents;
  • - passport
For the notarial certificate of the authenticity of copies of the document contact only you can. Certification of copy of power of attorney only if it stipulates that authority.
First of all, make sure that you need the document to be notarized. Keep in mind that the employee notaries can not certify documentsthat do not have registration number, date of adoption, signatures of officials and seals. To refuse to provide the services of authentication, the notary may and in that case, if you provide documents poorly readable, are amendments pencil writing and strikethrough printing on them is erased or made illegible. All parts of the document consisting of several sheets must be numbered and stitched.
Make required number of photocopies of a document subject to certification. They should be clear and readable. If the content of the document placed on both parties, a copy must also be bilateral.
In order to notarize the documents, you will need a passport, original documents and required number of copies. First the notary will check whether your documents legislature requirements. Then it will compare the submitted copies with the originals.
Further, the employee notary's office on the last page of the copy will put the stamp of her certification, his personal stamp, signature and stamp with the end of the name of the settlement, for example, "Islands".
Put your signature in a special register, containing your passport data, name of document, number of pages and the number of notarized copies.
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