You will need
  • - painkillers;
  • - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • - absorbable ointments;
  • - concoctions;
  • is onions.
When injury occurs a sharp pain. As first aid use ice. If frozen no ice, remove from the freezer pack, wrap in a clean package, apply to the affected finger.
After that immediately rush to the emergency room for a medical examination, x-rays. Based on inspection you will appoint treatment. If, in addition to injury there is a fracture, the doctor will put a cast. If no fracture, the main method of treatment is to relieve the severe pain and destination of funds, which will help to quickly get rid of the hematoma and prevent the development of necrosis.
For pain you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or analgesics. To prevent rapid necrosis and resorption of the hematoma is the most suitable ointment Vishnevsky, "Nikofleks", "Malavit" and others.
As a popular methods, you can apply powder concoctions. For a poultice, spread the powder to density of sour cream, apply a finger bandage. Change the bandage every 12 hours. The pulp of fresh onions has an absorbing effect. Each time use fresh mush, onion rasmala blender. To use thickly coat the fabric, attach to the finger, wrap with plastic bandage. Change the dressing twice a day.
If the bruised nail, and it happens not so rarely, under it is gonna be a hematoma, due to which the nail takes black or blue color. In the end, the rejection of the nail plate – this is an inevitable process. As soon as the rejection, fix the plate using adhesive tape. If for a long time under the nail retained strong pain, contact your surgeon. You will have a puncture subungual hematoma. This will help to get rid of the pain, which is caused by pressure on the soft tissues of accumulated blood.