Subcutaneous hematoma. For this type of disease apply conservative treatment. Immediately after the injury apply to the place of injuryand the cold and to prevent the development of hematoma apply a compression bandage. To reduce pain, apply the analgesic. After 3-4 days after injury, to accelerate the resorption, it is necessary to conduct physiotherapy. If the injury is large enough, conduct the evacuation of liquid blood by means of puncture. After that, apply a compression bandage. If re-bleeding requires opening the hematoma. Next, the obligatory ligation of the bleeding vessel. If there has been suppuration of the subcutaneous hematoma, you need an autopsy.
Intracerebral hematoma. For this type of disease is also used conservative treatment. Accomplish correction of intracranial pressure, it should not be below 25 mm.RT.St. If the patient's condition worsened it is necessary to conduct surgery.
Acute traumatic subdural hematoma. For this type of disease necessary surgery (an emergency). In this case, either remove the hematomaor a craniotomy is carried out. It should be noted that this type of disease often develops in older people (average age of 65-70 years). If you suspect a subdural hematoma, do a CT scan.
An epidural hematoma. For this type of the disease requires urgent surgery. The main symptoms of epidural hematoma: a tangible accumulation of blood between the inner surface of the skull and the outer meninges, the so-called epidural space. For accurate determination of the disease be sure to perform a CT scan.