Choice of method of treatment depends on the duration of injury. For several minutes after the occurrence, the damaged area should be cool. For such purposes suitable cold metallic object, meat-packing or pack with ice. To influence getting relieve swelling, relief from pain and preventing the expansion of the hematoma.

In 2-3 days after receiving the injury requires heat. It could be a bottle of hot water, hot compresses. Heat accelerates the resorption of hematoma.

Treatment with traditional medicine

Among the medications recommended to give preference to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory gels and ointments. Suitable ibuprofen, diclofenac, diklak, etc. the Ointment should be applied to the injured area 4 times a day.

The thickness of the layer should vary with the size of the swelling. If it is big, requires a solid amount of biodegradable resources, as the penetration of the drug under the skin difficult. In the absence of swelling, you should use small doses of the drug.

The use of folk remedies

You can RUB the injured spot quickly. It has a warming effect, promotes elimination of an inflammation and rapid resorption of hematomas.

Helps compress concoctions. It is better to use in first aid to prevent bruising. The poultice is easy to prepare: 2 tbsp chopped concoctions to pour the water, stir and apply on the bruise.

Reduction of the tumor contribute to the pellet of concoctions, blend 2 times a day on the injured area. For their preparation mix the chopped stuff with vegetable oil in proportion 1:1.

Salt lotions soothe the pain and reduce swelling. You need to use a concentrated brine solution: 2 liters of water put 100 g of salt. You can still add 3 tbsp. spoons of chamomile flowers and let the mixture stand until the final cooling. When the solution attain the room temperature, it is necessary to moisten a towel, gently wring it out and apply to injury.

How to treat serious injuries to his legs?

Such injuries are very dangerous because of the possibility of hemorrhage into the joint and the appearance of further complications. Pain revealed itself for a long time after the injury, are about to go to the doctor. They can indicate a serious injury - torn ligaments, dislocation, fracture, etc.

Serious injuries anti-inflammatory ointments it is necessary to use more often. When the pain subsides, to avoid complications and speed up rehabilitation will be useful to visit a few massages. It is wiser to seek qualified help.