When choosing a pedal note, what shoes you will ride most often. To use ordinary shoes, including boots or shoes, suitable for platform pedals, and wellabove need special contact pedal.
To ride on a city bike on the highway or a good road, choose a pleasure pedal. They have a body made of plastic, shoes fixed well enough thanks to rubber grips. These pedals do not require special skills, but do not allow to develop high speed and often do not keep pace.
For extreme types of riding buy platform pedal with powerful spikes or pin, equipped with an auxiliary platform. Note that if you use pedals with spikes you need to wear protection for your feet, otherwise you can get injured.
Contact pedal for a Bicycle, involving the use of special wellabove, choose for road bikes, XC, downhill, trial, tourism. Sole velotury there is a special thorn in contact with the pedal firmly it is fixed. At the same time to remove the leg is easy enough to make a move a foot to the side. With this load on the knees during driving is reduced, overcome obstacles becomes easy.
To be able to ride your bike around the city and at the same time, engage in extreme sports, get a combined model of the pedals. On the one hand, these pedals have the usual platform, and on the other the contact mechanism. This allows you to choose the type of shoes, but comfortable package. the speed drops slightly.
If the whole Cycling pedals you are satisfied, but not enough fixing, try to install them toeclips straps, which leg can be fastened to the pedal. Thanks to this device, the pedal can not only press, but to tighten it up, this is an indispensable advantage when driving in the viscous soil or mountainous terrain.