You will need
  • new brake pads, tool kit
If you set the brake type V-brake, they should be changed in the case where when braking you hear a sound of rubbing metal. This suggests that the brake pads only. To ride a bike can not go on, because it can be "eaten" rim. Then you will need to change it.
Consider the process of replacing the brake type V-brake. First, you need to let go of the brake. Squeeze the pads by hand and pull the rope shirt. Unscrew the socket hex and pull it out.
After that, we should take a new Shoe. Remove it in a part of washers. Install the new pad in place of the old. Do not rush in your actions.
Please note the label on the Shoe. Manufacturers often specify the marking of L/R means left or right. Sometimes indicates the direction of rotation. Install pad as shown. If no labels, then the installation of the pads is on either side.
Install the remaining washers. Remember that pads it is best to change a pair. Therefore, after performing operations with the first Shoe and repeat the entire procedure with the second. In the end it is necessary to return the brake to its original state.
To do this, perform the first operation in reverse order. Adjust the pads and tighten the mount. Be sure to check how the brakes work. Only after that you can again sit on the bike.
If the Bicycle has disc brakes, then change the pads need time to brake power or hear grinding noise when you press the lever.
First, you need to remove the caliper. Then, remove the Circlip and bolt. They are snap-on and screw-on. If the bolt is dirty, it should be cleaned. How easy it will slide along the entire length, depends on the smoothness of braking.
Remove the old pads and inspect them. If you clean, it is likely that they will leave. Otherwise, it's worth to buy new pads for replacement. They can be semi-metallic or organic.
Clean the caliper and put the new spring. Note – it should not drift. Install the spring in the correct position. Speaking of new pads, they should be installed so as to slide along the rotor.
Refit the protective bolt. Don't forget the snap ring, if equipped. Install the new pads. Make sure that they are settled correctly and pressed against the rotor. Check the braking action.