You will need
  • The bike computer.
What is included in this concept? The essence of the method lies in the fact that the pedals need to rotate, not push them. This technique implies pedalmapping with a high "cadence" (the frequency of rotation of the pedals). It will require less energy to evenly distribute the load on the knees and leg muscles and allow you to ride faster and farther with less fatigue. The cadence must be in the interval 60 to 90 rpm (revolutions per minute). Some athletes twist pedals with frequency up to 150 rpm. But this is a matter of training.
Most people are accustomed only to crush during the movement of the pedal down. In fact, efforts should be made throughout the range of turnover the pedals. Very good suit for that special attachment pin pedal or tulips with spikes.
Try to practice pedalRui while driving one foot. Cool, the pedal is not only forward but also down and back and pull up on the "return stroke of the pedal (only one foot). You need to feel on every spin force is distributed evenly, without jerks and failures along the entire length of the circular motion. Continue to develop the technique of circular pedalin ACCOR dance until, while rotating one leg will not become uniform and smooth. Once you have understood and felt the need to turn the pedal with one foot, try the same principle to work and the second leg.
Tap on <strong>pedal</strong> <b>Bicycle</b>
Twist pedals of a Bicycle smoothly, rotating them in a circle. Gradually you learn to do it, making efforts for the total turnover. For a more accurate estimate of the frequency of rotation of pedals use Cycling computer.
Tap on <strong>pedal</strong> <b>Bicycle</b>