You will need
  • - wrench set;
  • lift.
Before starting to adjust the disc brake, notice that the distribution of the car axle is a brake pressure regulator which is located on the bottom of the vehicle. Therefore, inspection should be carried out with an inspection pit.
Release the tightness of the locknut and Unscrew 2-3 turns on the Adjuster bolt. After that, the weight of his body several times push down on the rear bumper. Then go down into the inspection pit and carefully tighten adjusting screw (twist it needs to until the end of the screw does not touch the bottom of the piston, and then an additional two hundred and forty degrees).
Check the piston stroke, which must leave the cylinder by 1.7-2.3 mm after pushing on the pedal. If there is a discrepancy between the actual and normative indicators, then the brake pressure regulator is faulty that needs to be repaired immediately.
Simultaneously with the adjustment of disk brake adjust and manual. Furthermore, additional manual configuration mechanism is needed after changing the rear pads, lever, hand brake and other braking components.
First, check if the omission of the lever of a manual brake. After that, install your vehicle on the lift so that the rear wheels of the car were free. Then unlock the nut and adjust the cables of a manual brake and the maximum relax them.
Slowly pull the cables by tightening this adjusting nut to obtain a contact between the cable ends and levers rear caliper hand brakes. Remember: levers to move the impossible! And then check to see if they will move after switching the levers of a manual brake from the first tooth of the latch for a second.