Post ("Eid") is necessary for every Muslim to strengthen self-discipline and their faith. The daytime during Ramadan, believers devote to prayers, reading the Quran, contemplation, piety and work. In addition, after the fifth prayer is performed another, for more prayer-prayer (Tarawih).

In the daytime it is impossible to eat, to drink, to inhale the tobacco smoke. Night restrictions are removed, but menu post should be strict, entertainment and luxuries to indulge in the impossible. Even permitted food must be consumed in small quantities, since the post is aimed at reducing carnal motives. Many are beginning to use in the dark fancy food, increase the amount of food eaten – in this case, the purpose of fasting is lost, it will not.

To feel the joy and the reward at the end of lent, the believer needs to experience real hunger. Food restriction in Ramadan is not only imposed on pregnant and nursing women, seriously ill patients, children and people in the way or hard work. This is the most obvious bans, they are known by many. However, apart from them there are other equally important prohibitions in Ramadan.

Try to avoid restricted views on the place are any things that distract the mind from the remembrance of Allah. Even his wife must not look lustfully, not to mention other women. Also banned are the places where evil.

The need to avoid unnecessary disputes, unnecessary conversations, lies, cursing, oaths, jokes, etc. Libel and slander – the big sins and failure to comply with this prohibition may make the flow of the post more difficult. Backbiting – talk about a person behind his back that he wouldn't like it. From this sin it is hard to resist, even devout Muslims, but strive to do it continuously. Likewise is a sin and hearing that kind of talk.