Why Muslims can't eat pork

The Muslim ban on eating pork is based entirely on their faith – Islam. The fact that the main Holy Scripture of Muslims – the Koran – contains provisions strictly limiting followers of the Islamic faith in certain things. It is believed that a Muslim can get closer to Allah, only strictly observing all of its provisions. In particular, this applies to eating pork.

Research carried out by nutritionists in their own way explain why pork is not recommended to eat. The fact that these animals have a complicated system urine excretion, which leads to excessive amount of uric acid in their meat. People eating pork in meals, consume about 90% of this acid. Of course, this negatively affects the human body.
Ancient teachings – Kabbalah, claims that the ban on pork in the Bible applies to physical but not the spiritual world of man.

Moreover, it is proved that pork often are the eggs of tapeworms. Don't forget that pigs are omnivores. In addition, they bear a striking anatomical similarities with humans: they are the same people the body temperature and some internal organs in General can be used for transplantation to humans.

In medicine known cases where children are born with atavism swine (pig tails, silk). Perhaps this fact was the basis of the Scriptures as a ban on the use of man it's the same kind of organisms. In other words, it is possible that you can't eat pork and just for ethical reasons.

The consumption of pork in Islam

Muslims must unconditionally comply with the ban, because the worship of Islam is the basis of all their lives. We can only guess that such restrictions are intended to ensure the safety of not only the soul of every faithful Muslim, but also his body. Literally in the Qur'an in this regard says: "a True Muslim should only eat high quality food. He should definitely refuse from blood and pork. Only then will he be able to count on the forgiveness and mercy of Allah. Only then will he save his own life."
There is another explanation for why Muslims cannot eat pig meat, according to him, in hot countries, where mostly preached Islam, pork spoils very quickly. But this statement is not tenable.

The Christian ban on pork

It stems from the fact that Jesus Christ in the New Testament likened to pigs and dogs with people in my life want to feel the Divine Revelation, do not honor God. Eating dogs is generally considered a sin among Orthodox Christians. The exception there is only one – forced eating of these animals in the name of their salvation. In principle, the same applies to pork. It is curious that nobody says anything about the dog "the associates" - cats.