You will need
  • - PC running Windows operating system;
  • - access to the Internet.
Pay special attention to the content of the thesis and its main points. Indicate the priority of the content of the slides and not color, graphic, image or Wallpaper.
Remember that the presentation of the diploma should reflect the main stages of the project. Form a consistent and complete description of each phase, placing the main idea in a few well-written sentences.
Focus the audience on the list of main problems and their solutions. Justify your chosen methods and give some personal recommendations for their definition.
Make a Power Point presentation for the thesis in a neutral and discreet tones. Choosing the font and color of text, make sure that it is easily readable and is not blended with the background.
Prepare the title page of the presentation, name the title of your thesis. In the lower right corner, write the data of the supervisor, the name and initials of the artist.
In the following slides describe in the form of concise theses problem and subject of research. Using clear justification, provide a decisive reason for the choice of topic for your graduation project. Forming slides, edit for clarity, their explanations of the various charts, graphs and tables.
Gradually proceed to the presentation of research methods emphasize the importance and relevance of your project. Strengthen the theoretical information analysis of information obtained in the course of your work on the topic.
Concluding the presentation, add its list of the results obtained during the research. Remember that for 10-15 minutes allotted for the presentation, you need to convince the Committee members in their competence and earned the title of specialist.