You will need
  • - Computer
  • - Internet
First, decide the theme. It should match the theme of the diploma. In most cases, the most preferred will be strict style.
Title page of the presentation should have the same information as the original thesis. Ensure that the font large enough to read from a distance.
The slides that you use should follow in chronometric order for your protection, in your presentation of the diploma.
Project promotion should be based on your summaries of the diploma. Highlight the main strong points, which will go to your defense. Each of them should submit a brief summary or key concepts covered in each reference point. If your protection present charts, diagrams and the like, it is useful to place them on the slides for clarity.
Pay special attention to the correspondence of text and background - text should be easily readable and shall not merge with the background.
The final slide should be documented in the form of a large inscription "Thank you". Ensure that the text was large, but not enough to fit into the General format of the presentation.