Carefully review your thesis project. Highlight its features and main achievements. To start it is with the relevance of the theme of the work. Mark, what exactly is her interest to the scientific community, what is the degree of development of the topic to date. Mention about why you come to work with her, that is, justify the choice of the topic. Clearly describe the goals and objectives of the study.
Describe the structure of the work. List the chapters and sections, some revealing their contents. So you provide the Committee with the opportunity to understand what was going on in your degree. Try not to focus on theoretical aspects. The Commission is more important to know that contains your practical part. Give more time to the analysis of the object and the subject indicated in the introduction.
Tell us about the methodological basis for your work. The best way to reflect this information will have a choice of several authors and showing diverse opinion on the same issue. It is advisable to list at least five books, monographs, articles or manuals.
Provide the results of your work. They will be marking the achieved goals, solving problems, forming several conclusions on the problem. A must-have item are recommendations for improving the activities of the facility.
Read the finished speech aloud, not forgetting to note the time. Usually, one performance is given five to eight minutes. To keep within this limit is necessary because otherwise you can interrupt in the middle that will not allow the Commission to evaluate your project appreciated.