Usually, when the protection of a diploma, the report devotes no more than 10 minutes, if it is to pass on the text, it will take no more than 4 pages, typed in Times New Roman-14p. In this volume, and a guide in the preparation of the report.
The report start with a standard introduction message of the Chairman and members of the certification Commission. Declare the topic of your thesis and its leader.
Describe the relevance of the research problem, name the object and subject of research, its goals and tasks that needed to be resolved in the process of writing the thesis. All this is covered in detail in the introduction to her. So you will not be difficult to rewrite these questions directly from diploma.
Say a few words on the theoretical part of the work and give a brief description of the research subject. This can be the characteristics of enterprises, production processes at which you studied, or the characteristics of the problem, which is the subject of your thesis.
Briefly describe the real state of Affairs, illustrating his words with numbers, appealing tables and diagrams that you submit the report as an illustration. Tell and present the main results of the analysis and as a separate item, highlight the problems identified. All of the above you can find in the analytical Chapter of the diploma.
Go to the recommendations that you can give to resolve the problems, usually they are solved in diploma projects engineering. Illustrate the expected results from the implementation of your recommendations with numbers, describe the economic impact and prospects for their implementation. Do not leave one of his proposal to improve without numerically validate your conclusions.
Finish the report, thanking for the attention of the Chairman and members of the Commission.