You will need
  • - the text of the diploma;
  • presentation;
  • - a personal computer with a text editor.
Start writing your speech of welcome. It will help your teachers to switch from the previous defender on you, focus on attentive listening.
Write the topic of their thesis research. Despite the fact that you should remember well, it is better to err, because the excitement can interrupt your train of thought.
Expand the relevance of the topic of work, identify its object and subject, determine the purpose and objectives of the study. All of this information is taken from the introduction to the diploma.
Tell us what scientists engaged in the development of the research problem and what conclusions they have made. Describe their attitude to the research subject.
Describe briefly the object of study, list the methods by which you analyzed the problem, and tell us what conclusions you came personally.
Formulate recommendations to address identified issues, describe how to test the effectiveness of their implementation, what will be the results.
Explain how the findings can be used in the future. Tell us any additional studies required by the topic of your thesis.
Be sure to thank the faculty Commission for listening and invite them to ask questions.
All the information you will present to the audience, should be taken exclusively from the text of your work. Beside each question, which you touch on, write the page numbers thesis research to if desired, teachers could become more familiar with the text.
Reread your written text of the report. Imagine that you are not familiar with the text. Think you have enough of the information that you will tell to understand the meaning of the work. Try to guess what questions may arise from the teachers. The answers make a note after the text of the report.