Directly from Kaluga train station starts on Kirov street, the main shopping area of the city. Therefore, before departure it is useful to wander through it, having bought something that is not in your city.
It can be Tarusa embroidery is a unique art craft ancient Russian city, now the regional center of Kaluga region. By the way, if you have time it's a must to visit. One-story Tarusa – natural-architectural reserve. As for the range of embroidery, the first thing is that all is designed to decorate the interior. Bed linen, towels, napkins, tablecloths, sofa cushions you can choose for every taste. Here embroidery to decorate clothes in the abundance of feminine dresses, blouses, men's shirts, blouses, robes, pajamas and more. You can also buy embroidered Souvenirs. Products Tarusa masters exclusively from natural fabrics – linen and cotton, they are well known, for example, in Paris and Milan, where he received a high rating.
Is in the Kaluga region, the village of Khludnevo, which is famous for its toys. Bright painted rattles, whistles, guelke, sopelki, bells, shifters bring joy to children and adults as a talisman will fit the tree of life – the main plot hludnevskoj toys closer to nature. Each such thing has its own special meaning.
Kaluga is an important city associated with such events in the history of Russia, as a deliverance from the Tatar-Mongol yoke, the Patriotic war of 1812 and 1941. But they overshadowed the brand, established in the twentieth century – the cradle of cosmonautics. Here lived and worked the great Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. In Kaluga is the largest Museum in Russia, dedicated to space exploration. From here, you can get good books and model aircraft.
Kaluga gingerbread is much less known than the Tula, but it does taste is not inferior. The recipes of cooking was invented in the nineteenth century and never change until now. To leave town without this sweet souvenir is unforgivable.
But fans soft drinks bring excellent "Visherskoe" beer, named after the Fisher family, founded the brewery in 1875.