As it was

Some claim that the announcement about the collection of ashes was popular in the days of the Soviet Union, others believe that this idea began to gain popularity in the 90-ies of the last century, when new ways to make money literally out of thin air appeared and disappeared every day. However, all who believed this method of earning the actual name and the specific amount (almost always different from one gram to three-liter jars), and the specific amount by which the ash is received. Price has always been high, but not exorbitant, so as not to scare off those wishing to earn extra money.

The reasons why suddenly it took to collect cigarette ash, also called different — from the mundane (claimed that it is required for the production of fertilizers) to the fantastic (supposedly in cigarette ashes found high levels of nutrients, in particular, of rare earth metals needed for the pharmaceutical industry). Is often debated whether it is possible to mix in some cigarette ashes and cigarette what brand of cigarettes give the more valuable raw materials, a great secret was passed down addresses and phone numbers of points of reception.
The most popular was a version of the use of fly ash for the production of drugs – therefore, banks and matchboxes began to take to the pharmacy each time inevitably encountering goggles pharmacists.


Cigarette ashes were used for the manufacture of medicines or fertilisers. In reality, this kind of raw material has never needed any one industry. Who was the author of "duck", could not figure out and probably will not ever. However, before firmly joining the ranks of urban legends, the idea of collecting the contents of ashtrays for a long time occupied the minds of youth and adolescents in need of easy money, and adults are not far behind, carefully flicking the ash off the cigarette butts in in advance prepared capacity. Very few wondered if industry so desired fly ash, not simpler to just burn the tobacco?
Tobacco ash, almost weightless, and to score a three-liter jar, you will need to empty countless ashtrays or smoke a life is incompatible with the number of cigarettes.

The task was not as simple as initially thought, so the population was gradually abandoned attempts literally to make money on dust. In addition, almost all zagorevskaya idea remembered a friend of a friend, get rich upon the surrender of the ashes, but the specific names so never call failed because they were not.

Later in the press and the network began to receive revelations supposedly under purchase ash disguised cheaters, demanding from everyone to take the raw material a small amount at the expense of future rewards — of course, only to be convinced that ash delivers a competent adult. Having collected a decent amount, the fraudsters disappeared, leaving the naive citizens with banks of useless ash. Confirmation not received these messages, however, the number of people willing to sell ash quickly subsided, and offers to buy him and disappeared. Now to get rid of the ash by selling it trying rare — the story of how the whole country is saving up dust in the hope of striking it rich, most tell as an urban legend or a funny story.